Newstead Physio

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Springwood Physio Services


Physiotherapy services assessment, diagnosis and develop a treatment strategy for injuries and chronic disease.


Remedial Massage is a great adjunct therapy  for management of injuries and chronic disease.

Therapeutic Exercise at Yeronga Physio

therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise classes including Pilates, Strength, Balance, Mobility & Mindfulness

Vestibular physio available at Yeronga Physio

Dry Needling

Vestibular Physio improve symptoms of imbalance, falls, fear of falling, oscillopsia, dizziness, vertigo, motion sensitivity and secondary symptoms such as nausea and anxiety


Rehabilitation programs to assist in the recovery from joint replacement and the management of chronic disease.

home visits

We come to you providing Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Home Exercise Programs.


For appointments at Newstead Physio click below or call 1300 693 499


Located in Club Bunker, Newstead Physio by Sportsfizzio is directly opposite Space Furnature.

We will be aware of your appointment so please have a seat and we will come and get you.


There is parking available at Newstead physio out the front of Club Bunker in Doggett St or in neighboring Streets, such as Chester St

If you have mobility issues and require assistance, please arrange before your appointment, and we will assist.