"Home Care Physio" Program delivered through Home Care Packages


by Fizzio Clinics

Working with Home Care Physio Clients

For ten (10) years, we have been invited into Queenslander’s homes to assist them in maintaining independence, mobility, strength and preventing falls. We guide clients on how home care physio can improve their quality of life, empowering them to stay in their own homes.

The tool we provide are modified to the individual and guided by the eight (8) Home Care Physio Quality Standards. You can find a list of the standards below and how they steer Fizzio Clinics’ approach to service provision.

We start working with you at the initial assessment where we develop your goals. These goals define the treatment sessions and are regularly reassessed to see progression and improvements. We conclude with a self-management program to maintain gains following the treatment cycle, of four, five or six appointments.

Contact us to discuss how we can develop a plan for you.

HOME CARE PHYSIO Quality Standards

Fizzio Clinics works within the eight (8) Aged Care Standards providing accountable Home Care Physio.

Standard 1

Consumer dignity and choice

Standard 2

Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

Standard 3

Personal care and clinical care


Standard 4

Services and supports for daily living

Standard 5

Organisation's service environment

Standard 6

Feedback and complaints


Standard 7

Human resources

Standard 8

Organisational Governance



Physio can be funded through you Home Care Packages, Private Health Insurance, Medicare, DVA or privately. We work with you Home Care Package provider to formulate a treatment cycle providing a comprehensive plan to meet your goals. The Home Care Physio program is fully funded through your package. Please make a service request by filling out the form below.

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