New grads have told us the clinic culture, the learning environment and a clearly defined career pathway are all essential components of graduate physio programs. As clinical educators, Fizzio Clinics understands the importance of providing an immersive environment for new grads to thrive. Our two (2) year graduate program has been designed as the second step in the Fizzio Clinics career pathway and addresses graduates needs.

Moving into full-time work is challenging, and an understanding workplace is essential for graduates to transition from student to employee successfully. Fizzio Clinics believes it has a developed such a program. The Graduate program leads on to the Senior Physio Program. and ultimately the Clinic Ownership Program.

Graduate Physio Program - Highlights


    • We offer a generous base salary with annual review.
    • No public holidays, no shift work, No Christmas/New Years shifts.
    • Annual leave, personal leave, sick leave.
    • Intensive three (3) month paid induction.

Clinical mentoring program

    • Weekly shadowing sessions.
    • Ongoing clinical and business development.
    • Quarterly reviews by clinical director.
    • Support during clinical hours.

Other benefits

    • Varied caseload across different venues.
    • Equipment and manual handling education and updates.
    • Weekly informal catch-ups