How and why does Parkinson’s disease effect women and men differently?

Over the years I’ve observed that there are differences in the parkinsonian presentation of men and women. A recent review in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease summarises what I’ve seen.IOS Press. (2019, September 25). How and why does Parkinson’s disease effect women and men differently?. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 26, 2019 from 

Supervised exercises classes help improve frailty in older adults

A recent study published in the BMC Medicine journal investigated interventions to prevent, delay or reverse, frailty first recommendation was the implementation of a physical activity exercise program. The recommendation is strongest for group-based supervised exercise programs. We have been implementing such programs at The Village Group for the last 10 years. It’s fantastic that… Read More

Physiotherapist Miles Browning’s tips on ageing healthily

October 11, 2019 2:07pm SPONSORED CONTENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: THE VILLAGE RETIREMENT GROUP PHYSIOTHERAPIST Miles Browning says when it comes to ageing healthily, there are two major concerns facing over 65s; falls and maintaining cognitive function. For the past 10 years, he’s worked with hundreds of residents, aged over 65, at The Village Retirement… Read More

Maximising Longevity and Healthspan

My interest in maximising longevity and healthspan started when my daughter was born in 2012 and was re-emphasised in 2016 with the arrival of my son; I was 50. Being an older father, it became a priority for me to maximise the number of years I have with them; however, they need to be quality… Read More

Physical activity in older adults with mild Parkinsonian signs

A recent study has shown that increased frequency of physical activity is associated with decreased risk of cognitive and motor decline in Parkinsonian clients. The researchers screened 341 individuals for mild parkinsonian signs, with 130 meeting their criteria. There was a positive association between physical activity, cognitive function and motor performance. We have seen similar… Read More