High intensity short rest resistance exercise on muscle damage in men and women.

Miles Browning

This study shows there are significant differences in inflammatory responses to high intensity short rest resistance training between the sexes. It highlights the importance of understanding the stresses being imposed on the individual. Further if an individual has a genetic predisposition to inflammation (leading to higher iL6 levels) and  lower iL10  levels then their individual responses will vary even further requiring more recovery.

Understanding the global response to exercise prescription is important however knowing the individual’s response will aid in more accurate and effective training interventions

The effects of high intensity short rest resistance exercise on muscle damage markers in men and women.

Heavens KR1, Szivak TK, Hooper DR, Dunn-Lewis C, Comstock BA, Flanagan SD, Looney DP, Kupchak BR, Maresh CM, Volek JS, Kraemer WJ.

Heavens, KR, Szivak, TK, Hooper, DR, Dunn-Lewis, C, Comstock, BA, Flanagan, SD, Looney, DP, Kupchak…

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