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Whether you are a 30 something trying to regain your fitness or a 90-year-old with mobility issues, our programs and treatments will assist you.

Fizzio Clinics is helping people to age well by incorporating a holistic approach to assessment, prevention, management and treatment of ageing and ageing-related diseases.

We provide physiotherapy services to residential aged care, retirement villages, mobile home care, and the general public at our clinics.

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A blog post on the 7 pillars of healthy ageing
Fizzio Clinics

7 Pillars of Healthy Ageing

What we’ve learnt about Healthy Ageing We have been with the Village retirement group for the past 11 years and focused on working with clients …

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Physiotherapist Miles Browning shared tips on healthy ageing
Fizzio Clinics

Physiotherapist Miles Browning shares tips on ageing healthily

This article originally appeared in the Courier-Mail October 11th 2019. Physiotherapist Miles Browning says when it comes to ageing healthily, there are two major concerns …

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