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We are ageing and sometimes its not FUN

Fizzio Clinics is helping people to age well. We use evidence-based programs to help people with their ageing challenges.

Whether you are a 30 something trying to regain your fitness or a 90-year-old with mobility issues, our programs and treatments will assist.

Fizzio Clinics is helping people to age well by incorporating a holistic approach to prevention, management and treatment of ageing and ageing related diseases.

On 1300 693 499 or Book Online, click here.

We provide physiotherapy services to residential aged care, retirement villages, mobile home care, and the general public.

These services are one-on-one appointments in treatment rooms or at our clinics. Home visits can also be arranged.

Our fees are claimable through private health’ extras’ cover, via home care packages, NDIS, or DVA and medicare.


Our Approach

We apply modern evidence based Sports Physiotherapy to the ageing population

Getting old doesn’t mean you can’t



Fizzio Clinics provides services across our 5 clinics, in the Community, at Retirement Villages, Aged Care facilities and as a Mobile services.


Physiotherapy services assessment, diagnosis and develop a treatment strategy for injuries and chronic disease.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a great adjunct therapy  for management of injuries and chronic disease.

Therapeutic exercise classes including Pilates, Strength, Balance, Mobility & Mindfulness.

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vestibular Physio improve symptoms of imbalance, falls, fear of falling, oscillopsia, dizziness, vertigo, motion sensitivity and secondary symptoms such as nausea and anxiety


Rehabilitation programs to assist in the recovery from joint replacement and the management of chronic disease.

Home Visits

We come to you providing Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Home Exercise Programs.

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